Hello and welcome!

After much thought, I have decided to close this website so that I can focus my energy on current projects. It will come to a close on September 29th, 2016.

What I’m up to now

While I still maintain my craniosacral practice in Columbus, Ohio, my online focus is now on helping people get relief from common aches and pains by improving their movement skills.

If you, or your clients, could use some off-the-table help, check out my free mini-course Just One Thing: 5 Days of Alignment and discover simple shifts you can make to your movement habits that have big payoffs.

I can also be found at my current Facebook page, where I share movement tips there to help people with pelvic floor issues like prolapse and sneeze pee, diastasis recti and foot discomfort. Come visit!

Anatomy Videos

If you are looking for the series of anatomy videos I created for craniosacral therapists, they now live on YouTube.

For your convenience, here are the direct links:

Keep doing the important work you’re doing out in the world. It is so needed!