Remember your first CranioSacral course? How excited you were to start learning something new? Maybe you were a little nervous too. Wondering if you’d “get it”, wondering if you’d feel the rhythm, understand the hand positions, remember the anatomy.

If you were like me, you came away from class with your brain filled to the brim, completely excited to offer your new skills to your clients.

You felt like you had discovered a new language – one you could use to talk directly to your clients’ body.

Fast forward and you now have a decent grasp of at least the basics – where your hands go, what the craniosacral rhythm feels like, you feel things. You’re getting results you’re excited about.

And yet, you’re frustrated by the holes in your anatomy knowledge.

These holes hold you back. They create uncertainty and cause you to doubt your skills. What are you really feeling? They make it difficult to explain to your clients what happened during their session in a way that’s credible and builds trust in your skills.

Sometimes you have a sinking feeling that you’re missing out on really valuable information that the body is trying to share with you because you just don’t know enough to be able to translate it and act on it.

You want to be fluent. You want to get the kind of results that only a highly skilled practitioner is able to provide.

Mastery is not for everyone. Some practitioners are ok with knowing 10 basic phrases. They’re content to begin and end a client’s massage with a stillpoint and leave it at that. But that’s not you. You know you’re in the field of communication, deep, important communication, and you want to master the language of the body and understand what’s underneath your hands.

If you don’t know what’s underneath your hands, you’re missing out on opportunities to be of help.

Are you ready to build the next level of skills you need to be able to speak fluently with the body?

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People need what you have to offer. Let’s get started!

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